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Xtandi (Enzalutamide) 40 Mg

Brand Choice

Product from Canada

Xtandi (Enzalutamide)

Manufactured by: astellas pharma

Marketed as: Enzalutamide in Canada

From $33.33 USD per Capsule(s)

CAN NOT BE SPLIT Must be taken in existing form.


Generic Choice

Product from Canada

No Generic Alternative Available

No generic alternative is available for this drug.

What is a Generic in Canada? Health Canada (the Canadian regulatory board) evaluates every Canadian generic for their safety, effectiveness, and quality. Every generic used in Canada has the same medical ingredients as their brand name counterpart and is considered bioequivalent to the brand name medication. The quality standards for brand name drugs and generic drugs are the same. All of the ingredients, facilities, and manufacturing processes must meet Canadian federal guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, Canadian generic manufacturers must perform 'comparative bioavailability' studies to demonstrate that their generic products deliver the same amount of medicinal ingredient at the same rate as the brand name medication. Nearly 45% of all prescriptions filled in Canada use generic medication and some hospitals exclusively use generic drugs. For more information, please visit

Xtandi (Enzalutamide) 40 mg tablets

Strengths available


Brand name

Xtandi (pronounced as ex-TAN-dee)

Generic name

Enzalutamide (pronounced as En-sa-LU-ta-mide)

Manufacturer Information

Astellas Pharma Canada


About Xtandi (Enzalutamide) 40 mg tablets

What is Xtandi?

Xtandi is a hormone therapy that's classified as an "anti-androgen". Xtandi is indicated for the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Xtandi was approved in August 2012. Xtandi is not a form of chemotherapy

What does Xtandi do?

Xtandi is an androgen receptor inhibitor which blocks the effects of androgen along many different steps in the androgen receptor pathway. This causes decreased proliferation of tumor cells and results in reduced tumor volume or tumor cell death.

How to use Xtandi

Xtandi dosage regimen should be personalized to each patient. Many institutions have different protocols for dosing depending on whether the patient is using other medication and the severity of their disease. Xtandi tablets should be swallowed whole with a glass of water.

If you forget a dose, take it as soon as you remember on the same day. If you forgot for the whole day, skip the dose and proceed with the next usual dose. Do NOT double the dose. Inform your Doctor of any missed doses in your treatment protocol. The half-life of Xtandi is 5.8 days.

What do you and your doctor need to monitor during Xtandi therapy?

All patients should check their blood pressure at every visit to the doctor. If you're using warfarin at the same time, make sure you check your INR at your doctor's office every visit as well.

Some patients may be asked to check their ECG (Electrocardiogram) and electrolytes in addition to the above - please consult with your doctor to see what is right for you.

What are the most common side-effects of Xtandi?

Within days to weeks of starting Xtandi, people may experience diarrhea, fatigue, edema, musculoskeletal pain, dizziness and headache. Many patients also experience reproductive and breast disorders due to the body undergoing androgen deprivation.

Xtandi may also increase your risk of severe bleeding and fractures. On rare occasions, Xtandi may also cause Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome, which is a serious condition that involves a rapid onset of symptoms such as altered consciousness, visual disturbance, seizures, and headaches.

Should I take Xtandi with food?

You can take Xtandi with or without food.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Xtandi?

Alcohol may trigger hot flashes and should generally be kept to a minimum or avoided completely. Please discuss this with your doctor

Does Xtandi interact with other medication?

Xtandi both induces and inhibits several key enzymes in the liver and is susceptible to many drug interactions.

Not all drug interactions require dose adjustment but it is crucial that you speak with your doctor about your complete list of mediation including over the counter products and supplements that you are self-administering.


Does Xtandi work? 

An international clinical trial showed that Xtandi prolonged survival in men whose disease progressed after chemotherapy and whose cancer is castration-resistant. Xtandi also decreases the risk of disease progression and death.

How much does Xtandi cost per month?

Cost of Xtandi depends on each patient's dose requirements. If a patient is on the highest dose (120mg daily), 1 month supply of Xtandi in USA is approximately $12,000 as according to Check with your insurance to see if there is coverage available.

Xtandi in USA may over coupon, discount card, savings card, or patient assistance program to help cover some of this cost. However, for many patients without insurance, purchasing this medication from a Canadian Pharmacy still offers significant savings.

Ensure to do your research before buying online to find a real Canadian pharmacy who offers the same product as you would expect in the USA.



Why is Xtandi so expensive?
Xtandi is sold to USA patients at 4 times the price that it is sold for other countries. There has been many debates regarding the high price of Xtandi but no politician or government body has offered a solution to this problem. In April 2016, a Canadian manufacturer named Biolyse Pharma saw an opportunity to supply Xtandi at a fraction of the cost. So far, the NIH in USA said that as long as Xtandi is widely available, it will not intervene in pricing.
Where can I find Xtandi Prescribing Information (Xtandi PI)?
Prescribing information is publicly available on Astellas' website. Astellas is the manufacturer of Xtandi.
What is the length of treatment for Xtandi?
Treatment duration varies from patient to patient and is determined from a number of parameters. The median duration of therapy for Xtandi is 17.5 months.
If I order Xtandi from Canada Cloud Pharmacy, will you include the package insert?
Yes! We ship our Xtandi its original, sealed packaging which includes all package inserts and information supplied by the manufacturer.
Where can I find Xtandi success stories and support groups?
Please visit the "Patient Resources" page on Xtandi's site for success stories and patient feedback.



Buy Xtandi (Enzalutamide) 40 mg tablets from Canada 

Information contained here on this page is for informational purpose only. Always speak with your Doctor about the usage of your medication.