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By Cloud Pharmacy | Published Wednesday 11 December 2019

Pennsylvania is known as the 'Keystone State' on account of it's fundamental importance in the founding of the nation. Our customers find us from all over Pennsylvania from Philladelphia to Pittsburg, including Lancaster, York and everywhere in between.

Due to Pennsylviania's geographical location it was a hub for both polictal and military decision making in the States. Indeed, Philladelphia is the site of the very first Presidential mansion and home of the Liberty Bell, the iconic bell symbolizing independence. While known for it's creative cultural food, Philadelphia's food creations would never be considered a 'healthy' food choice. Cheese steak, Hershey, Rita's Water Ice and Auntie Anne's are only a few of the famous junk foods that hail from Philadelphia. Unfortunately all that junk food comes at a price and Phildaelphia is plagued with above average global levels of obesity and diabetes. With the increase in prevalence of these disease comes too, an increase in the need for medication.

Medication prices in the US are among the highest in the world and when insurance companies refuse to pay for these medications, or if the patient has no insurance, patients in Pennsylvania are left with no option but to go online and search for a Canadian Pharmacy that can fill a US prescription. For many years now Pennsylvanians have been making the trip to Canada directly for the medication needs however this is a long and expensive journey thus more and more US patients are searching online. Canada Cloud Pharmacy has been helping patients from Pennsylvania for years now, shipping Canadian medication ONLY direcetly from Canada to Pennsylvannia.


Why are drug costs in Pennsylvannia more expensive than in Canada?

This is the question that has been on the lips of American patients in Pennsylvannia for many years. There are multiple reasons why medication costs in Canada are lower than in the Pennsylvannia. Price caps are in place in Canada so that the patients that need the medication can have affordable access. In States such as Pennsylvannia however, drug manufacturers are free to set their price at whatever cost they feel the medication will sell for. As most of these medications are paid for by insurance brokers, it drives up the price of copays and insurance costs. Those patients without adequate insurance, or whose insurance refuses to pay for that particular medication or those that fall into the ‘donut hole’, will be forced to pay for their drug costs out of pocket. These vital and often life-saving medications can reach astronomical prices, leaving patients either without their medication with no other choice than to look to Canada to fill their US prescription.

Costs of medication in the States is also driven up by the complicated payment, co-payment, reimbursement and rebate system setup between pharmacies, insurance companies, wholesalers and drug manufacturers. With all factions taking a share of the profits and with multiple rebates passing between all the parties involved the whole system is not only cumbersome but extremely confusing the uninformed patient. 


Shipping medication online from Canada to Pennsylvannia with a US prescription

Canada Cloud Pharmacy has the fastest turn around in the industry to deliver your medication from our pharmacy here in Vancouver, direct to your doorstep or PO Box there in Pennsylvannia. Your order leaves us here, picked up direct from Canada Post and will be delivered to you by your USPS.

There are three shipping options available;

  • Standard shipping ($13.75) - Estimated shipping time (10 - 14 days)

  • Expedited shipping ($18.75) - Estimated shipping time (10 days)

  • Express shipping (23.75) - Estimated shipping time (5 - 7 days) - SIGNATURE REQUIRED -

We are often asked if it is possible to receive overnight shipping of my medication from Canada to Pennsylvannia and the answer unfortunately is that it is not possible. Your product will need to make it's way from Canada, through customs to it's final destination which take at least 4 - 5 days with the fastest Express shipping option. 

We have many times been complimented that our shipping is the fastest in the industry. If you place an order we will do our very best, providing we have all the information, to have it shipped the very next business days. If we do need any additional information we shall reach out via telephone or email.

Once your medication is shipped you will receive a tracking number direct to your email from Canada Post. You are always to best to copy and paste this tracking number to USPS for the most live up to date tracking information.


About our Pharmacy

Canada Cloud Pharmacy is a brick and mortar, physical pharmacy. Unlike the majority of other websites you see online helping Americans with an online source for their medication, Canada Cloud Pharmacy ship medication ONLY and always direct from Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. 

We deliver your medication all across the States, including Arizona, but feel free to book an appointment to come check our pharmacy out yourself.

We are located at 4918 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5P 3T6 (we know our zip codes look a little funny up here).

If you would like to visit our Vancouver pharmacy from Illinois, with a prescription written locally from a US Doctor, please contact us at least 24 hours prior so we can set up your order and ensure your medication ready for your arrival. We've had many Americans make the trip already, and it makes a great change to meet face to face with some of our valued customers.

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