Why are online pharmacies cheaper?

By Canada Cloud Pharmacy | Published Monday 16 November 2020

Drug prices has been increasing every year and has become prohibitively expensive for many patients. You price-check online when doing your holiday shopping. Why should shopping for prescription medication any different? Buying your medication online from a mail order pharmacy can potentially save you a lot of money.

A mail order pharmacy, also sometimes called an online pharmacy, is a pharmacy that ships your medication to you via your postal service. Some mail order pharmacies accept insurance, just like your local pharmacy, and provide the convenience of getting your medication without having to leave home. Not all mail order pharmacies are real, brick-and-mortar pharmacies and finding a trustworthy and regulated pharmacy can be difficult. Unregulated pharmacies dispense unregulated medication and is a safety risk for patients. 

Learn more about pharmacy certification at the College of Pharmacist of BC.

Dangerous Rogue Pharmacies 

Many mail order pharmacies are not regulated by any governing body and are illegal entities. These fake pharmacies, sometimes referred to as “rogue pharmacies” seem attractive because they often offer medication much more cheaply. But the reason they’re able to do so because they use inferior quality medication, stuff that’s not approved by trustworthy agencies like the FDA or Health Canada. Medication that have not through rigorous government quality checks may contain the wrong active ingredient and dangerous inactive ingredients. 

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