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Shipping Delays

Due to ongoing global supply chain issues with both our suppliers and postal delays your order may ship and or arrive later than expected.  Packages shipped from Cloud Pharmacy are sent jointly with Canada Post and US Post, and as such, shipping delays can be caused by both or either of these postal systems.  Note, private couriers are not an option for international personal medication importation. Reminder that medications can only be shipped to the US for specific patients that qualify, such as those receiving treatments in Canada and cannot travel due to specific restrictions.  



Further to the above mentioned shipping delays, other delays can result from supply chain issues as drug manufacturers are experiencing challenges acquiring raw products, logistic issues, and other service disruptions.

Many of our packages are still being delivered in a timely manner, but a significant amount of orders are being affected by these delays resulting in delays ranging from 1-28 days, on average the majority of packages are reaching our customers within 1-2 weeks.

Once your order ships you will be sent an email from Canada Post with a tracking number, which can also be used with USPS.  You can also LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT and, if shipped, your order history will show a USPS logo that you can click to get your tracking information.