Cloud Formation - The genesis of your Online Canadian Pharmacy

Cloud Pharmacy, it sounds hip, techy, and fresh; a modern-day name for a modern-day pharmacy. Often people ask, "why did we choose the name Cloud Pharmacy"? To be fair, what do clouds have to do with pharmacy anyways?

Well one the reasons we branded ourselves with this watery mark is to pay homage to the beautiful city where the first Cloud Pharmacy was formed, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on November 27, 2012. Located at 4918 Victoria Drive, we have served the local community for almost a decade. We also help thousands of patients from all over the world. Many of our patients online take comfort in the fact that we are an actual brick and mortar pharmacy that only, and always, ships medications directly from our pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada. You will never receive any medication from our pharmacy that is shipped from Turkey, India, Singapore, Mauritius, or anywhere except Canada. Whether you are from the USA, Australia, or anywhere for that matter your tracking number will always show picked up in Vancouver. Now if you are lucky enough like some of our neighbors from Washington state, you can drive into Vancouver from the US border, which takes less than an hour and pick up your medication directly from our store in store and come see, arguably, the most beautiful city in the world. By the way, we constantly like to remind foreigners that we live in the most beautiful city in the world, see below:

Vancouver White Snow

You may even hear a local exclaim that, “you can go skiing in the morning and play golf after lunch”.  Settled between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean it does portray as a picture perfect city.

Now as a pharmacist, who are often rated as the most trusted profession, and as a born and raised Vancouverite, I have to disclose a dirty, err or should I say wet, little, err big, secret…
…normally, Vancouver actually looks like this:

Yes it rains here, a lot, like really a lot.  Like our American sister city, Seattle, it rains buckets, and is generally cloudy.  In fact, Vancouver, is the second most cloudy city in all of Canada, at 5132 hours of cloud cover, on average, per year.  Yes, for more than 60% of the year, little to no sun, and lots of rain. Even though we have to drink a Vitamin D smoothie here and there, we don’t complain for two reasons.  Firstly, because it barely snows here (a sore point for the rest of Canada), some years not even a flake.  The second reason we don’t complain is, did we tell you that we live in the most beautiful city in the world?  See, look at this, so pretty:

So that one of the reasons we are called Cloud, to be honest with ourselves, and proud that we live in the most Beautiful, but usually Cloudy, and very Rainy city in the world. 

Whether we like or not, Clouds are a part of life, good and bad; it’s just real life.  That brings us to our second reason we use the Cloud to represent us.  To better understand this point, we need to understand a few other famous symbols in medicine and pharmacy.  The caduceus is one such symbol used in North America.  The Caduceus consists of the staph of Hermes and two intertwined serpents, with two wings atop.  This symbol popularly became associated with medicine because the US Army Medical Corp introduced it into their insignia in 1902.  However, it has nothing to do with medicine at all.  It was a symbol used in commerce in ancient Greece and Rome; and for some other mythology stuff that has nothing to do with anything we are talking about.

Except that, like the US Army Corp, most people mistakenly associate or substitute the Rod of Asclepius with the Caduceus, where the former is single staph with a single snake twisting around it' the latter a single serpent twisting around the staph of Greek god, Asclepius, who was in fact the deity of medicine and healing.  In ancient Greece healing temples attributed to this god would have, in his name sake, Asclepius snakes, non-venomous rat snakes, crawling all over the floor.  They were also used in many rituals and treatments.  The serpent has since then continually been associated with physicians who deal with both health and death.  The snake can kill and cure apparently.  This ambiguity of the snake symbol metaphorically represents the duality of drugs themselves, which also can be both therapeutic and lethal.  In fact, to even provide a definition of the word “drug” can be difficult at times.  What I have learned is that a drug can be both food and poison, it just depends on the dose.

Like the serpent, the cloud, a product of nature, also has both the properties of creation and destruction.  Clouds have brought people, amid heat waves and droughts, relief from suffering and much needed rain for the renewal of crops to stave off famine.  On the contrary, clouds can bring the destructive power in the form of hurricanes or floods to destroy life also.  They have the awesome power to both give and take life equally.  As such, we felt that they, just as much as the serpent, if not more appropriately, represent medicine and pharmacy.  Let’s start a petition to replace the serpent with a cloud, I mean what did the snake really heal anyways?  Join the Cloud revolution!

Another reason we decided to use the cloud symbology has its roots in our original cloud symbol.  This guy here that looks like a caption bubble.  Kind of like the little bubble that often depicts the voices of characters in comic books.  Here at Cloud Pharmacy we recognize the modern-day role of a pharmacist is to communicate with their patients.  I mean pharmacists don’t make drugs, or potions, or even creams anymore; we just simply dispense them.  Even these tasks are often completed by assistants or technicians.  Today’s role of the pharmacist is best described as optimizing your drug therapy.  This includes reviewing your medications for interactions, assessing appropriateness, recommending new medications or non-drug therapies, explaining how and when to take your medications appropriately, help remind you when to take your medications, or perhaps even discontinuing certain medications.  We take all these factors into account and then we do the one job that only a pharmacist can do in the pharmacy, we communicate.  We communicate with you the patient and your healthcare providers.  We communicate with you, so you receive the information you need to best take your medication.  We also do much more communicating behind the scenes also, for example if we request for a change in therapy or just a simple fax refill request, we will contact your doctor or nurse.  Whether we are talking to your healthcare providers or talking to you one-on-one when counseling, our job is to communicate your health.  This is a service we really provide here at Cloud.  When you call our stores, you will immediately see the difference, when one of our friendly pharmacists answers the phone and gives you their undivided attention to carefully understand your needs and provide the highest level of pharmaceutical care.   

The final reason we are called Cloud Pharmacy is the same reason you hear the term Cloud used in the media all the time.  You hear it on the news or as services offered by various companies: cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud data, or “it’s in the cloud”.  The phenomenon of Cloud computing has now almost dominated our daily lives.  This increased accessibility has provided endless benefits to healthcare also.  When you are using our website, like right now, you are accessing a pharmacy halfway across the world as if we are your local neighborhood pharmacy.  We are your pharmacist in the palm of your hand, right in your home.  This is all possible because of the Cloud. Here are Cloud pharmacy we are constantly looking for ways to use technology and to give you the best and most affordable health care possible. We want your experience to be effortless, like being on cloud 9.  To give you access to medications and information about and for your health; while at the same time we ensure your information is secured and kept confidential and not used in any form of marketing or shared with anyone period.

I personally would like to thank you for visiting us and getting to know us better.  As you can see we have put a lot of thought and care into our name and what it means and represents.  It is an honest testament to who we are what we represent.  It recognizes the awesome power of medications and our responsibility to ensure that you are best informed to maximize your health outcomes. Cloud Pharmacy represents the every growing and expanding reach of how far you can go for your health.

Pavan Dhillon
Pharmacy Manager
Founder of Cloud Pharmacy


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What can I do about painful sex?

Yes it feels good but it’s still painful. How confusing is sex! We would all agree that, despite how amazing sex is, it’s pretty weird. An intensely pleasurable workout involving strange gooey fluids and chemical reactions triggered by the tone of someone’s voice all leaving us in a strangely vulnerable position is just about as alien as it gets. So then, the last thing we need to make our heads spin further is to bring pain into the equation, but this is exactly the case for so many women. Accorinding to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, almost 75% of women contend with painful sex due to vaginal penetration at some point in their lives. Even the word ‘penetration’, as ridiculous as it sounds, brings an ode of pain for many women.

75% is such a towering number especially considering many women rarely complain or bring up their painful sexual experiences. For many women, painful sex is something they put up with long term because they just don’t know any other way. They think that pain and pleasure in this regard go hand in hand, but they don’t have to.

Firstly, let’s look at the reasons behind painful sex. The reality is there are dozens of causative factors of painful sex, that range from the physical to the pscychological so it is important to speak with your doctor to undercover the underlying condition or reason of why you might be suffering with pain during sex. We are not doctors and don’t pretend to be so online. In this article we will look at the most common causes of painful sex and potential treatments to alleviate the pain during sex.


The most common cause of painful sex and how to alleviate it



Endometriosis, a condition characterized by the growth of tissue that usually grows inside the uterus (endometrium) growing on the outside in areas such as the ovaries or fallopian tubes or other pelvic areas can result in a heck of a lot of pain. Most endometriosis sufferers feel intense premenstrual or menstrual pain but they can also experience painful sexual experience. To combat this pain it is recommended to experiment to find what position/positions ring the most pleasure and least pain. For some women this may be doggy-style or side to side positions or even to keep sex shallow to avoid deep penetration. Keep a diary of when the pain during sex is worst is a good way of understanding at what point of the cycle does penetration hurt most so that sex can be avoided at those times.


Vaginal Skin Disorders

There are way too many skin conditions that can affect the vagina to go through them all here so we always recommend visiting your doctor or dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment options if you are concerned you might have skin condition related to your vagina. The fact is though that these vagina skin conditions can cause pain either directly or indirectly during sex and the best treatment will always depend on the condition itself. Depending on your condition your doctor may prescribe moisturizers, steroid creams or other creams and lotions. Additional lifestyle advice such as not wearing tight fitting fabrics and not using scented soapy products around the secret lady garden. Depending on your condition you may even be recommended to use a small vaginal dilator, to help widen the vulva entrance.


Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes such as lowered estrogen levels during menopause can have a massive impact on a woman’s sex life. Lower estrogen levels do not just occur during menopause but estrogen levels can also drop during breastfeeding or when taking certain medications such as anti-estrogens. This lack of estrogen has a number of disruptive effects to the vagina and vaginal area including increasing vaginal dryness by decreasing those sexy secretions and also making the vulva skin and tissue thinner and more fragile. Your doctor may prescribe estrogen replacement therapy but there are other steps such as using a good lubrication during sex that can help with any pain you experience as a result of vaginal dryness.


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction can be a result of either physical or psychological manifestations. Vaginismus is one such condition where the muscles on the vagina involuntarily contract and spasm causing a tightening of the vagina and pain or discomfort during sexual penetration. Working with a pelvic therapist and even mental health therapist can have a profound effect in alleviating these conditions.


After having a baby

After birthing the women’s vagina is in a process of healing. This recovery process, involving the healing of cuts and tears in the vulva and vaginal wall is often long and painful and sex in the days and weeks after birth can cause more pain. Our advice is to wait to get the all clear from the gynecologist before resuming penetrative sex.


Relationship issues 

Sometimes the physical pain women feel during sex is a result of poor relationship communication or just a plain old bad connection. A major part of sex is the lead up to the actual penetration, commonly known as foreplay. Painful sex is all too frequently caused by a lack of foreplay, which means the vagina does not have adequate time to secrete the protective fluids that naturally lubricate and protect against friciton, irritation and pain. Our advice is to speak with your partner about the do’s and don’ts, the things you like, love and dislike during those intimate times. It may be a good idea to see a sex therapist or relationship counsellor if you feel that a third party might be able to help you work through those kinky kinks in your relationship. Slow down, have fun and communicate as best you can.


Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and/or depression can be at the heavy heart of painful sex. Decreased libido can mean that despite the want for a healthy, happy sex life your body just doesn’t respond or responds in a paradoxical manner. A lack of natural secretions, causing vaginal dryness leading to dyspareunia or vaginismus, where the vagina muscles contract involuntarily can compound negative sexual experiences. As with all of these conditions, speaking with your doctor to realize the underlying reasons for the decreased libido and then taking steps to address this is so important. Speaking with a doctor specializing in women's health is usually the best first step to take. 

Another psychological issue that can have a powerful effect on sexual experiences is past sexual trauma or negative sexual experiences. Triggering a negative sexual memory can result in a physical reaction whereby the body responds as if it is reliving this negative experience. In this scenario the body may fail to prepare for sex and may instead respond in fear, shutting off or running away. Speaking with your doctor is a great first step towards addressing these issues and improving your sex life.

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