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By Cloud Pharmacy | Published Thursday 25 March 2021

Why choose Canada Cloud Pharmacy?

Canada Cloud Pharmacy has been serving our local community here in Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as our American neighbors, since 2012. Through the past 8 years we have proven ourselves to be a ‘customer first’, trustworthy and dependable community pharmacy and have grown our community to include every member of the family including all the pets.

It is our mission here at Canada Cloud Pharmacy to provide an alternative source for Americans to find their prescription medications at an affordable price without compromising on safety, efficacy, service or peace of mind.

Every day thousands of Americans are forced to search for their essential medications online and begin the daunting experience of finding a trustworthy, online Canadian drugstore.

What at first may seem like a simple task (you’ve shopped online before right?) can quite quickly leave would-be customers in a state of confusion and dread. With so much information and misinformation out there regarding filling your US prescription in Canada, please allow us to clear some things up.

Not all pharmacies here in Canada can fill your US prescription. Maybe you’ve tried to call a pharmacy here that you’ve found online or have even physically travelled up from the States to visit a one, prescription in hand, only to be met with “sorry, we can’t fill a US Prescription”. At the same time you see so many websites online that claim to be pharmacies but ship your medication from so many different locations without stating exactly where their pharmacies are who their pharmacists are. If this is you, your research has finally paid dividends.

Canada Cloud Pharmacy has processes in place, to work alongside healthcare practitioners in the States and in Canada, so we can fill your US prescription. Unlike other ‘pharmacy’ websites we are a brick and mortar pharmacy with a physical location and provide ONLY medication directly from here. This provides our customers complete peace of mind to know their medication is shipped from Canada every time, so you can have full confidence in it’s safety and efficacy.


Why is medication so much more expensive in the States compared to Canada?

When filling your medication from Canada Cloud Pharmacy you will soon realize that our medication is equivalent in quality to prescriptions in the US. So then, why is medication here in Canada so much more affordable than in the States. There are a number of factors that contribute to higher drug costs in the States;

US free market drug pricing: In the US, drug companies are able to set the price of their medication at what they believe it will sell for, regardless of what patients who need it are able to afford. In Canada, drug prices are capped to ensure accessibility for all patients.

Patent extensions in the States: When a branded medication’s patent finally expires this medication can now be manufactured by other pharmaceutical manufacturers. Now that the market is open and there is more than one manufacturer, drug prices subsequently fall. In the US there has long been a practice of patent extension, through one way or another. This leaves the US market at the behest of one manufacturer, creating a monopoly which keeps drug prices high.

Insurance, copay and the rebate system: If you’ve filled medication in the States no doubt you’ve felt bewildered by the whole process of payment, co-pay and reimbursement. If you dig a little deeper, unfortunately things only seem to get muddier. After a copay is paid by the patient, insurance brokers cover the additional cost of medication ensuring that pharmacies are fully reimbursed for the medication they dispense. These pharmacies then pay their wholesalers, who in turn pay the drug companies, with each ‘middle man’ taking a cut of the profits. To make things even more confusing the drug companies then issue rebates to the insurance companies and pharmacies, which are apparently used to decrease the overall cost to the patient. This complicated system does nothing for transparency and patients are left feeling confused and often belittled by the whole experience. With a lack of government oversight, patients often worry about the fairness of the whole system, especially when the medication they need is not covered by their insurance, or worse, their insurance broker suddenly stops the coverage, forcing them to pay out of pocket for the inflated drug costs.



As a special thanks to all our wonderful customers who are continuously spreading the good news and telling their friends and family about us we have decided to give a $25 credit for each new customer referred.

There is no limit to the number of $25 credits you can receive so tell everyone that you believe we may be able to help, and tell them to give your name when they place their first order.

Family and Friends Discount


*2019* Top Sellers

Flovent 110 mcg  1 inhaler $74.99 $299.99
Dexilant 60 mg 90 caps $264.99 $959.99
Resotran 2 mg 28 tabs $139.99 $504.99
Domperidone 10 mg 100 tabs $34.99 $N/A
Xarelto 20 mg 90 tabs $329.99 $1,559.99
Myrbetriq 50 mg 30 tabs $89.99 $478.99
Chantix  56 tabs $149.99  
Lialda 1.2 g 120 tabs $289.99 $549.99
Xtandi 40 mg 120 tabs $3,889.99 $12,099.99
ERFA Thyroid 60 mg  100 tabs $79.99 $129.99
Viagra 100 mg 4 tabs $39.99 $299.99
Cialis 20 mg 4 tabs $39.99 $299.99
Vyzulta Eye Drops 5 ml $89.99 $399.99
Xiidra 60 vials $329.99 $649.99
Xeljanz XR 11 mg 30 tablets $1999.99 $6359.99
Canasa 1000 mg 30 supp $94.99 $339.99
Stiolto Respimat 1 Inhaler $99.99 $384.99
Trelegy Ellipta 1 Inhaler $189.99 $629.99
Wellbutrin 300 mg XL 90 tabs $189.99 $4,999.99
Breo Elipta 200/25 1 inhaler $189.99 $354.99
Pristiq 100 mg 30 tabs $129.99 $374.99



Where do Canada Cloud Pharmacy ship their medication from?
All medication that Canada Cloud Pharmacy ship are always and ONLY shipped direct from Canada.
Can I pick up the medication in-store?
Yes, you can come to our physical location to pick up your medication in-store or alternatively we can ship your medication direct to your door
What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay using any major credit card or alternatively using a check. It will take longer to process your order using a check.
Do you price-match medication?
This one is a little tricky to answer. We do our best to provide the most affordable source for Canadian medication and therefore we do price match, but it needs to be like for like, as in we will only price match pharmacies that ship their medication from Canada ONLY. Often our customers find a very low price from a website that sell medication from many different countries. In this case we have no way of verifying where this medication is being sold, and who regulates it. For this reason we have taken the stance that we will price only for other Canadian Pharmacies.
What are your opening hours?
We are located in Vancouver, BC and so our opening times are in Pacific standard time (PST). We are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm. We are closed on a Sunday.



Fill your Prescripton from Canada

Information contained here on this page is for informational purpose only. Always speak with your Doctor about the usage of your medication. Canada Cloud Pharmacy is the best source for medications such Flovent, Cialis, Viagra, Resotran, Dexilant, domperidone, Lialda, ERFA thyroid, Xtandi, Myrbetriq, Xarelto. We ship to all 50 States including the the territories such as Puerto Rico. Many of our patients are located close to our Pharmacy in Washington State, with many residing in and around the Seattle area. We do however, deliver our products much further afield to all states including California, Texas, Arizona, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorada, Minnesota, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Conneticut, Virginia, Oregon, Wisconsin, Nevada, Ohio and as far as Florida.