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Every Canadian Pharmacy is not created equal, especially when searching for a pharmacy in Canada that ships medications to your door. What a drudgery it is, searching high and low to find an online drugstore that is erm...a pharmacy.

It would seem obvious right? I need somewhere to fill my prescription from Canada, so I search on Google and hey, presto, these must all be genuine pharmacies. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. Yes there are a heck of a lot of websites online claiming to be legit but you don’t need to be a private investigator with a degree in advanced forensic science to work out that these sites are not actually pharmacies.

If you are anything like our patients, then your shortlist for finding a company for yourself, or for your pets, is as follows;

  1. Be a real pharmacy with real pharmacists
  2. Provide Canadian meds

Now we don’t think that list is asking too much but then again, we’re just a group of pharmacists running a pharmacy providing only prescription medications from, you guessed it, Canada. The Northwest of Canada to be precise. We don’t claim to be the pharmacy King or anything but it’s pretty darn obvious to us, find an authentic source for legitimate reviews.

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

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So, where’s the best place to find reviews of these pharmacies so you can really feel confident ordering prescriptions online? If it ain’t your next door neighbor whispering through the garden fence that you must call so and so (hopefully they’ll be telling you about Canada Cloud Pharmacy) then you gotta do the research yourself.

Here's our advice. Dedicate at least one hour to finding a drugstore and don’t just settle for the first website you stumble across. You do know that google has a page two right? If all else fails, then go old school, we’re talking yellow pages old school, we’re talking come to Canada yourself, beaver pelts and maple syrup kind of old school.

In all seriousness, your best bet is to search where the pharmacy is on google maps, that way you should be able to see their physical store, and we all know how to spot a pharmacy don't we? A big green cross, 'We're a pharmacy' sign, look at our lovely white coats - something like that anyway.
Why not also check if they are registered with a governmental body in Canada and even give them a quick call to make sure there is someone at the end of the line, before you reach yours.

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Last Updated On September, 05 2022