Baqsimi (Glucagon) Nasal Powder 3 Mg

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Baqsimi (Glucagon) Nasal Powder 3 mg

Manufactured by: ELI LILLY

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BAQSIMI is indicated for the treatment of severe hypoglycemic reactions which may occur in the management of insulin treated patients with diabetes mellitus, when impaired consciousness precludes oral carbohydrates.

The recommended dose of BAQSIMI is 3 mg given intranasally in both adult and pediatric patients.

Because BAQSIMI is designed to be administered in emergency situations to the patient by caregiver(s), where a high level of stress is likely, it is therefore important that the patient is instructed to make sure that family, friends and co-workers know where, when and how to use BAQSIMI.

BAQSIMI is for intranasal use only.
The recommended dose of BAQSIMI is 3 mg administered as one actuation of the intranasal device into one nostril.
 Read and follow the instructions on the package leaflet enclosed with BAQSIMI.
 Do not push the plunger or test the device prior to administration.
 Administer the dose by inserting the tip into one nostril and pressing the device plunger all the way in until the green line is no longer showing. The dose does not need to be inhaled.
 Call for medical help right away after giving the dose.
 Give oral carbohydrates when the patient responds to treatment.
 If the patient does not respond within 15 minutes, intravenous glucose must be administered as soon as IV access can be established. Medical consultation is required for all patients with severe hypoglycemia so that the dose of insulin and oral antidiabetic medication may be adjusted more accurately.
 Each BAQSIMI device contains one dose of glucagon and cannot be reused.

If overdose occurs, the patient may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, inhibition of GI tract motility or an increase in blood pressure and pulse rate. In case of suspected overdosing, the serum potassium may decrease and should be monitored and corrected if needed.


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