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Jublia (Efinaconazole) 10%

Brand Choice

Product from Canada

Jublia (Efinaconazole)

Manufactured by: Bausch Health

One Bottle(s) contains 8 mls

From $119.99 USD per Bottle(s)

CAN NOT BE SPLIT Must be taken in existing form.


Generic Choice

Product from Canada

No Generic Alternative Available

No generic alternative is available for this drug.

What is a Generic in Canada? Health Canada (the Canadian regulatory board) evaluates every Canadian generic for their safety, effectiveness, and quality. Every generic used in Canada has the same medical ingredients as their brand name counterpart and is considered bioequivalent to the brand name medication. The quality standards for brand name drugs and generic drugs are the same. All of the ingredients, facilities, and manufacturing processes must meet Canadian federal guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, Canadian generic manufacturers must perform 'comparative bioavailability' studies to demonstrate that their generic products deliver the same amount of medicinal ingredient at the same rate as the brand name medication. Nearly 45% of all prescriptions filled in Canada use generic medication and some hospitals exclusively use generic drugs. For more information, please visit


Strengths available

10% topical solution

Brand name

Jublia (pronounced as JUBE-lee-ah)

Generic name

Efinaconazole (pronounced as ef-fee-nah-CON-ah-zole)

Manufacturer Information

Valeant Canada


About Jublia

What is Jublia?

Jublia, which contains the active ingredient efinaconazole, is a topical solution that is indicated for the topical treatment of mild to moderate onychomycosis on toenails for adults.

How does Jublia work?

Jublia contains Efinaconazole, an antifungal belonging to the azole group. It applies it's antifungal properties by acting to inhibit the fungal lanosterol 14α-demethylase which is essential in the biosynthesis of ergosterol. Without egosterol the cell membrane of the fungi looses it's integrity and breaksdown killing the fungi.

Jublia has low systemic absorption so most of its fungicidal and fungistatic activity is topical. A benefit of having low systemic absorption means that Jublia is well tolerated and has minimal side effects and no known drug interactions.

The downside of this mechanism of action is that it takes several months to clear the infection - although this is also partly due to how long it takes new, healthy, nail to grow and replace the old infected nails.

How to apply Jublia

Hold the bottle upside down and gently squeeze the bottle to wet the brush.
Apply 1 drop of Jublia to affected nail, or 2 drops if applying to the big toenail. Use the applicator brush to spread the solution.
Repeat these steps to apply to all affected toenails and let the area dry. Wash your hands with soap at the end of these steps.
Try to not miss any doses but if you do, apply your dose as soon as possible.
If you forgot your dose and it's almost time for the net dose, skip the missed dose and return to your usual scheduled doses.

Jublia reviews and efficacy.

Multiple clinical trials have shown that 48-52 weeks of therapy with Jublia is effective for eliminating nail fungus and allow new, clear, nail to grow back. Due to its long therapy, patient reviews tend to be mixed - patients who are compliant and soldier through therapy tend to have positive reviews, especially for patients who have tried other over the counter options (such as tea tree oil, or filing down nails) and failed to notice improvements previously.

Patients who discontinue therapy too early may not notice any changes as it takes several months for new nail growth to be noticeable.

Side effects of Jublia

Jublia is generally well tolerated and the most common side effects are local skin irritation (ex. burning) in the area bordering the nails.
On rare occasions, you may experience a blister on your skin near the application site or your affected nail may become ingrown. Please talk to your doctor if that happens.

Is there a generic available for Jublia?

Unfortunately, there is Jublia generic available currently. 

When will a Jublia generic be available?

According to Drug Patent Watch, the patent of Jublia is due to expire in 2021. This means we could expect a Jublia generic within the next few years and as early as 2021, providing another generic company manufacturers.

Can I drink alcohol when using Jublia?

One advantage of choosing Jublia over oral antifungal therapy is that Jublia does not have any interactions with alcohol.

When should I use oral antifungals instead of Jublila?

Oral antifungals, such as Lamisil or Sporanox, can clear infections quicker (approx. 6-12 weeks) but, like Jublia, you will not notice results until the nail grows back completely which may take over 4 months.

You should keep in mind that oral antifungal medication have more side effects and drug interactions and, depending on your health, your doctor may ask you to go for blood tests. Oral antifungals are your best chance of resolving a severe nail infection but due to potentially dangerous side effects, are not commonly recommended for fungal nail infections unless the infection is severe or if a patient failed to improve using topical methods. Additionally, there is evidence that oral antifungal therapy may be less effective for patients over 65 years old.


Ordering brand name Jublia from Canada

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Is there a generic available for Jublia?
No, there is currently not a generic available.
Do you need a prescription for Jublia?
Yes, Jublia requires a prescription in USA and in Canada
How frequently do I need to clip my nails?
You should clip your nails at least once every 4 weeks. Remember to clip the non-infected nails first, and then the infected nails, to avoid spreading the infection. Sanitize your nail clippers after each use.
Can children or pregnant women use Jublia?
The safety and efficacy of Jublia has not been studied in children or pregnant women. If you are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding, please talk to your doctor.
What are the active and inactive ingredients in Jublia?
Each mL of Jublia contains 100mg of efinaconazole. Nonmedicinal ingredients: alcohol, butylated hydroxytoluene, C12-15 alkyl lactate, citric acid, cyclomethicone, diisopropyl adipate, disodium edetate, and purified water.



Buy Jublia from Canada 

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