Lialda (Mesalamine) 1200mg

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Lialda (Mesalamine) 1200mg

Manufactured by: Shire Biochem

Marketed as: Mezavant in Canada

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Product from Canada

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Lialda 1.2 g

Strengths available

Brand name

Lialda (USA) (pronounced as Lee-al-dah)

Mezavant (Canada) (pronounced as Mez-ah-vant)

Generic name

Mesalazine or Mesalamine (pronounced as Mess-sal-la-meen)

Manufacturer Information

Shire Pharma


About Lialda 1.2 g

What is Lialda (Mezavant)?

Lialda 1.2 g delayed- and extended-release tablets are reddish brown, film coated, oval-shaped tablets, stamped with 'S476' on one side.

LIALDA contains mesalamine, a 5-aminosalicylic acid (5ASA) drug that acts locally and is used in the treatment of active disease of adults with ulcerative colitis (UC). It is also used in the maintenance of remission of ulcerative colitis. Mesalamine the active ingredient in Lialda is an anti-inflammatory drug which is effective in flare up attacks of ulcerative colitis and maintenance of its remission.

How does Lialda work?

Lialda is thought to work by blocking the action and the production of substances that cause inflammation in the intestine. Substances such as prostaglandins and cyclooxygenase are some of these affected substances. Lialda tablets are designed with MMX technology. This technology allows Lialda to delay and deliver the active ingredient (Mesalamine) in particular concentrations to needed areas of the of the colon and rectum to reduce inflammation effectively.

When should I take Lialda?

Take your Lialda dose exactly as prescribed by your Doctor. The most common dose for flare up of ulcerative colitis is 2 to 4 tablets (2.4g to 4.8g) ONCE daily. For maintenance of remission of UC to allow for healing of the mucosal membrane is 2 tables (2.4g) ONCE daily. Take your Lialda tablets with food. Swallow your Lialda tablets whole with a glass of water. Do not cut or crush Lialda tablets.

If you miss a dose of your Lialda tablets take as normal the next day. Do not double your dose to account for the missed dose. Keep a record of all missed doses and tell your Doctor at your next checkup.

What are the alternatives of Lialda and how to they differ from Lialda?

Some alternatives to Lialda include but are not limited to Lialda, Apriso and Delzichol.

LIALDA VS APRISO Lialda and Apriso are both extended release formulations of an anti-inflammatory, mesalamine, used to treat and prevent flare-ups of ulcerative colitis. from recurring. The side-effects and interactions of Apriso and Lialda are similar.

LIALDA VS DELZICOL Lialda and Delzichol are two mesalamine extended release formulations used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and the prevention of flare ups. Many of the side-effects and drug-drug interactions between Lialda and Delzichol are similar as they are effectively the same active ingredient.

Neither Apriso or Delzichol are available in Canada.

What are the side effects of taking Lialda?

The most common side-effects reported with use of Lialda are gastro-intestinal. Side effects of Lialda include but are not limited to inflamed colon, abdominal pain, headache, abnormal liver function tests, diarrhea or loose and frequent stools and nausea.

Less commonly reported side-effects include bloated stomach, indigestion, vomiting, gas, joint pain, back pain and allergic reactions.

This list is not complete. If you are worried that you may be suffering from a side effect of Lialda always contact your Doctor or Pharmacist for advice.

Should I take Lialda with or without food?

Take Lialda with food. Swallow the tablets whole with a full glass of water. Do not chew or crush Lialda tablets.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Lialda?

Although there may not be a drug - drug interaction between alcohol and Lialda, alcohol can irritate your stomach and intestines and worsen the condition you are treating with Lialda. If you are not abstaining from alcohol, try to limit your alcohol intake.

Speak with your Doctor if you are concerned with your alcohol intake.

What drugs interact with Lialda?

Drugs that interact with Lialda include drugs that affect the kidney such as NSAIDs, azathioprine. A combination of these drugs may increase the risk of kidney issues. Mercaptopurine and azathioprine taken with Lialda may result in blood components.

Other drugs that interact with Lialda include but are not limited to digoxin, furosemide, cimetidine, ranitidine, low molecular weight heparins such as dalteparin, enoxaparin and methotrexate. Some drugs should be avoided while others require monitoring when used together with Lialda.

This is not a complete list. Always inform your Doctor and Pharmacist of all drugs you are currently taking including herbal and elicit substances.


How to order Lialda from Canada?

Lialda in Canada is marketed under a different name, Mezavant. If you have a US prescription and are struggling to afford the cost of Lialda you have a number of options. Firstly you could look for an alternative to Lialda. The issue with that is that many patients specifically require Lialda in terms of how and where in the body it works. If you specifically need Lialda then you could check to see if there are any Lialda manufacturer coupon available or if there is a patient assistance program for Lialda to help with the cost of the medication.

Another common way Americans can afford the cost of Lialda is to go to a Canadian Pharmacy such as Canada Cloud Pharmacy, where they can buy Lialda online direct from Canada. Of course the name-brand Lialda in Canada is known as Mezavant. Mezavant is made by the same company that makes Lialda, and is effectively the same medication.



Is Lialda called Mezavant in Canada?
Yes. The Canadian name for Lialda is Mezavant.
Does Lialda cause weight gain?
Weight gain is not one of the listed side-effects on the Lialda monograph. However on the Lialda monograph it does mention that Lialda may cause Kidney problems which might result in weight gain. Always talk to your Doctor or Pharmacist if you are concerned with side-effects of Lialda.
Where can I find Lialda reviews?
Reviews on Lialda can be found at the following link.
Has Lialda got a generic available?
Unfortunately there is currently no generic for Lialda available. Although there has been generic approvals for Lialda it is yet to hit the market. 
When will there be a generic of Lialda available?
There is no time line given for exactly when the generic for Lialda will be available but there is some speculation that it may be available in 2021.
Does Lialda cause hair loss?
Hair loss is considered a less common side effect of Lialda with less than 1% of patients using Lialda suffering from some form of alopecia.



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