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Saphris (Asenapine) 5mg

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Product from Canada

Saphris (Asenapine)

Manufactured by: lundbeck inc

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CAN NOT BE SPLIT Must be taken in existing form.


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Product from Canada

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No generic alternative is available for this drug.

What is a Generic in Canada? Health Canada (the Canadian regulatory board) evaluates every Canadian generic for their safety, effectiveness, and quality. Every generic used in Canada has the same medical ingredients as their brand name counterpart and is considered bioequivalent to the brand name medication. The quality standards for brand name drugs and generic drugs are the same. All of the ingredients, facilities, and manufacturing processes must meet Canadian federal guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, Canadian generic manufacturers must perform 'comparative bioavailability' studies to demonstrate that their generic products deliver the same amount of medicinal ingredient at the same rate as the brand name medication. Nearly 45% of all prescriptions filled in Canada use generic medication and some hospitals exclusively use generic drugs. For more information, please visit  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hl-vs/iyh-vsv/med/med-gen-eng.php

Saphris 5 mg

Strengths available

Brand name

Saphris (pronounced as Saff-riss)

Generic name

Asenapine (pronounced as A-sen-apeen)

Manufacturer Information

Merck distributed by Lundbeck in Canada


About Saphris 5 mg

What is Saphris?

Saphris is an atypical antipsychotic psychiatric medication. It is often used to treat psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and acute manias associated with bipolar disorder. Asenapine, the active chemical in Saphris, is derived from the tetracyclic antidepressants. (TCA)

How does Saphris work?

The exact mechanism of how Saphris works is not known.  This is often the case with many medications that are indicated for schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.  It is believed that Saphris does activate and deactivate certain dopamine and serotonin receptors, amongst other receptors also. Saphris helps you feel better everyday by reducing nervousness and confusion.

How to take Saphris?

For schizophrenia the normal starting dose is 5 mg twice daily with little benefit of 10 mg twice daily. For controlling manic episodes in bipolar disorder 5 mg twice daily is the normal dose; however, increasing to 10 mg twice daily may be practiced when poor clinical benefit is seen at 5 mg dose. Must be taken sublingually as it is poorly absorbed when swallowed. It is important to only open the foil packaging when you are ready to use it. Also, be aware that the Saphris tablet is very fragile. Therefore, do not push the tablet through the foil, instead break of a single dose from the blister pack at the perforated marks, then peel the soft foil starting at the colored mark (pictures and information are available here); if this is too difficult, as some patients claim, then gently puncture and score the edge of the soft foil on the back of a single dose using a pen or similar device, and lift the foil off revealing the tablet. You should minimize touching the tablet with your hands and fingers and place the tablet under the tongue immediately after opening the package.

A missed dose should be taken as soon as possible unless it is almost time for the next dose, then only one dose should be given. Doubling the dose is never recommended. There should be approximately 12 hours between doses.

Why is Saphris referred to as an "atypical" antipsychotic?

Atypical is another term for second generation antipsychotic medications, which are suppose to have less extrapyramidal side effects. Extrapyramidal side effects are the movement related side effects such as tremors and twitches.

Does Saphris have any side effects?

Most common side effects reported include drowsiness and sleepiness. Other less reported side effects include increased appetite, weight gain, headache. Unfortunately, even though Saphris has less extrapyramidal side effects than other antipsychotics, it still can produce then. Extrapyramidal side effects included akathisia, the feeling of restlessness and unstill feeling causing people to move or pace, Hypoesthesia, or taste disturbances, and dystonia, or muscle rigidity (which usually more likely in the first five days of treatment). A very serious side effect that can occur with some antipsychotics is neuromalignant syndrome or (NMS). NMS presents as increased body temperature, muscle rigidness, delirium, and autonomic instability. If NMS is suspected, immediately discontinue Saphris and go to a hospital. Other risk information is available here.

What foods can I eat and what foods should I avoid when taking Saphris

There are no food restrictions or requirements to be aware of. However, leave the tablet under the tongue and do not eat or drink anything for at least 10 min afterwards to allow for maximum absorption sublingually.

Can I drink alcohol while using Saphris?

Since both Saphris and alcohol have sedating it is not recommended to during while using Saphris as you can become over sedated.

Does Saphris interact with other medications?

When using saphris with any other psychiatric medication should always be assessed especially ones that cause drowsiness. A direct interaction can possibly occur with Saphris and fluvoxamine, where by a dose adjustment to Saphris may be needed.


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Does Saphris have black cherry taste?
Depending on where it is manufactured, Saphris sometimes contains black cherry flavoring to make it more palatable when used sublingually. However, the Canadian version, made by Merck (distributed by Lundbeck), does not have the black cherry flavoring.
Who should not take Saphris?
Anyone with severe liver problems should avoid saphris
How fast does Saphris dissolve under the tongue?
Saphris will dissolve within seconds and should not be swallowed intentionally. It is only active when absorbed through the tongue.
Can I buy Saphris in Canada?
Yes you can buy Saphris online from Canada. We can help you at Cloud Pharmacy as long as you have a valid prescription from a doctor written within 1 year of today's date.
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