Spiriva (Tiotropium) With Handihaler 18mcg

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Spiriva (Tiotropium) with Handihaler 18mcg

Manufactured by: Boehringer Ingleheim

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Product from Canada

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Spiriva Handihaler 18mcg

Strengths and Formulations available

Brand name

Spiriva  (pronounced as Speer-REE-vah)

Generic name

Tiotropium (pronounced as tea-oh-TRO-pi-um)

Manufacturer Information

Boehringer Ingelheim


About Spiriva Handihaler 18mcg

What is Spiriva Handihaler used for?

Spiriva Handihaler is indicated for the treatment of COPD and asthma as a long-term or as an add-on maintenance medication. The active ingredient in Spiriva is tiotropium bromide, an anticholinergic with long acting antimuscarinic effects.

How does Spiriva Handihaler work?

Spiriva is an anticholinergic which is also classified as a long acting muscarinic receptor antagonist (LAMA). Spiriva inhibits M3 receptors in lungs to relax the airways. This results in bronchodilation and improves breathing within 30 minutes following the first dose. An advantage of using Spiriva is that this improvement is maintained for 24 hours and does not cause rebound if the medication is discontinued.

How to use Spiriva Handihaler

Spiriva Handihaler is used once daily. First open the dust cap and then open the mouthpiece. Remove 1 capsule from the aluminum blister pack and place the capsule in the center chamber. close the mouthpiece until you hear a "click". Press the green button to pierce the capsule once, and release. Exhale completely and hold the handihaler to your mouth. Breath in slowly and deeply and you should hear the capsule rattle. Hold your breath for as long as comfortable and resume normal breathing. Ensure that the entire contents of the capsule is inhaled by repeating a few breaths.

If you forget to take your dose, please take the missed dose as soon as you remember. Do not take more than 1 dose in 24 hours.

Is there a Spiriva Equivalent?

Depending on whether you're using this to help with COPD or asthma, there may be some Spiriva alternatives available, although none are identical. For COPD patients, consider asking your doctor about Atrovent, Combivent or Symbicort. If you're using Spiriva to help with asthma, talk to your doctor about other options such as Advair, Dulera, and Symbicort.

What are some side effects of Spiriva?

Spiriva may cause dizziness, hoarse voice, cough, dry mouth/throat, heartburn, constipation, dry skin, nosebleed, sinus infection, inflammation, and difficulty speaking.

If you're experiencing constipation over a long time, please talk to your doctor.

Should I take Spiriva with or without food?

Food does not affect the absorption of Spiriva.

Can you clean the Handihaler device?

At Canada Cloud Pharmacy, we send a new Handihaler device with each 30 day supply of Spiriva. If you are re-using an older inhaler, then you should clean the inhaler once a month with warm water to make sure you remove any powder residue. Dry the handihaler completely (make take 24 hours to air dry) before your next dose.

Is there any drug interactions with Spiriva?

Although there hasn't been any formal drug interaction studies, Spiriva is commonly used with other drugs to help manage COPD and asthma. There is a potential for Spiriva to interact with other anticholinergics to cause additive side effects.


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Where can I find Spiriva Respimat package insert?
Canada Cloud Pharmacy ships all Spiriva Handihaler in its original and sealed packaging which will include all patient information and package inserts. If you have any questions which are not addressed in the patient handouts, then please speak to a pharmacists by giving us a call.
Is there a generic available for Spiriva Handihaler?
Spiriva handihaler is still under patent protection, which means that there is only brand name Spiriva handihaler available in USA and Canada
What is a Spiriva Respimat alternative?
If your doctor prescribed Spiriva to help with asthma, talk to your doctor about other options such as Advair, Dulera, and Symbicort. If you're using Spiriva to help with COPD, then consider asking your doctor about Atrovent, Combivent or Symbicort.
What's Spiriva Handihaler price in Canada
Order Spiriva Respimat now for as low as $2.59/capsule
What's the difference between Spiriva Handihaler vs Respimat
Spiriva Handihaler and Respimat both contain the same active ingredient. However, they are offered in different inhalation devices which also means that they are available in different strengths.



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