Vagifem (Estradiol) Suppositories 10mcg

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Vagifem (Estradiol) Suppositories 10mcg

Manufactured by: Novo Nordisk

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Each box contains 18 vaginal suppositories.

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Product from Canada

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Vagifem Suppositories

Strengths available

Brand name

Vagifem (pronounced as VAH-gee-fem)

Generic name

Estradiol (pronounced as es-tra-DYE-ol)

Manufacturer Information

Novo Nordisk Canada


About Vagifem Suppositories

What is Vagifem?

Vagifem contains a female hormone called estradiol, which is a form of estrogen that is naturally produced in the body. Vagifem is used to treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy due to menopause.

How do Vagifem Suppositories work?

Vagifem tablets release estradiol, the most active ovarian hormone, when they come into contact with moisture. This estradiol is identical to the estradiol that is naturally produced in the human body.

As the estrogen diffuses out of the tablets, it activates estrogen receptors (ex in breast, reproductive tract, pituitary, liver, bone, and hypothalamus) to produce biological effects.

The goal of Vagifem therapy is to reverse the atrophic changes associated with menopause and provide relief from associated symptoms.

How should I use Vagifem

Vagifem suppositories are pre-loaded into the applicator. Push the applicator through the foil packaging and insert the applicator like a tampon. As you do so, use your index finger to push the plunger until you hear a "click". Withdrawal the applicator and discard in waste basket. Do not flush the applicator down the toilet. For more detailed information, please follow the directions provided in the patient insert (PI).

If you miss a dose, take your dose as soon as you remember. Do not double-up to make up for the missed dose. If the tablet is expelled immediately after insertion, use another vaginal insert, with a new Vagifem suppository, and try again.

Vagifem Vs Estrace cream - which option is best for me?

Vagifem and Estrace cream are both appropriate for the management of post-menopausal symptoms. Since Vagifem is dosed less frequently and has a more user-friendly insertion device, most women prefer Vagifem.

Recent studies support endometrial safety in low dose regimens for both options for up to 1 year.

What side effects should I expect when taking Vagifem?

You may experience breast tenderness and swelling. Sometimes, edema may also affect your arms and legs.

Other side effects include headache, nausea, abdominal pain/discomfort, vaginal bleeding/discomfort, back pain, weight gain, and genital infections.

Does alcohol use affect Vagifem?

Drinking alcohol and using hormone replacement therapy at the same time has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer. However, most studies look at oral hormone replacement therapy and it is uncertain how this interaction with alcohol affects Vagifem, a local estrogen medication.

Will Vagifem help with my bladder problems?

Urinary symptoms caused by decreased estrogens after menopause is a commonly documented problem. Studies have shown that by using an estrogen replacement product, such as Vagifem, is a safe way of improving urinary incontinence in some patients.

Is there any drug interactions with Vagifem suppositories?

Since very low levels of estrogen is absorbed from Vagifem, it is unlikely that there are any clinically significant drug interactions. However, it is still recommended that you check with your health care provider in all cases.


Why is Vagifem so expensive?

Pharmacies in USA may charge $150-$200 for 8 tablets. Here at Canada Cloud Pharmacy, we provide ONLY genuine Canadian medication with significant savings advantages. Please give us a call to chat with our pharmacists about how to order online and delivery options. Although you won't be able to use your local discount cards or savings card, you can still save on your medication, if you have a copay, if you buy from a licenced Canadian Pharmacy online.




Does Vagifem cause hair loss?
Thinning scalp hair is a documented side effect of Vagifem but the exact incidence is unknown.
Is Vagifem available over the counter?
No, Vagifem is a prescription product in Canada and USA
What do I do if the tablet is discharged or falls out after I insert it?
If the tablet is expelled immediately after insertion, use another vaginal insert, with a new Vagifem suppository, and try again.
Is Vagifem discontinued?
There has been recent confusion regarding the availability of Vagifem. To clarify, Vagifem 25mcg is discontinued in Australia, USA, and Canada while Vagifem 10mcg continues to be available.
Does Vagifem cause weight gain?
Estrogen imbalance or changing estrogen levels in menopause and by using external estrogens may cause weight gain. This is a complex phenomenon which also involves changes in body muscle as well different areas of weight gain. Vagifem is minimally absorbed systemically and its exact impact on weight gain is unclear.



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