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By Canada Cloud Pharmacy | Published Wednesday 14 October 2020

Glaucomas are a group of optic nerve diseases resulting in slow progressive degeneration of retinal ganglion cells that results in increased intraocular pressure.

What are the different types of Glaucoma?

Two categories of glaucoma are Open-Angle and Closed-Angle glaucoma. In the USA more than 80% of cases are open-angle glaucoma. Primary open-angle glaucoma usually appears in middle-aged patients. This type of glaucoma causes gradual vision loss and can affect one eye has more than the other. Primary closed-angle glaucoma is a medical emergency.

Secondary glaucoma is when glaucoma occurs along with other ophthalmic diseases like cataract, or tumor or, eye injury.  Congenital glaucoma, also called as childhood glaucoma, is present from birth. 

How Glaucoma is diagnosed?

Doctors can check for areas of vision loss using a visual field test and measure intraocular pressure using tonometry. Corneal thickness is measured using pachymetry. Using gonioscopy, the drainage angle is also inspected.  

What are the treatment options for Glaucoma?

Treatment of glaucoma always starts with eye drops such as:

Combination eye drops prescribed are:

What are some surgical options available for glaucoma?

When drug therapy does not achieve adequate lowering of intraocular pressure or cause adverse reactions, laser or incisional surgeries are indicated. Laser trabeculoplasty reduces intraocular pressure by making biological changes in the trabecular meshwork that increases aqueous outflow. The procedure is very safe and can be performed during an office visit. Surgical trabeculectomy involves creating a new drain for the easy flow of fluid by removal of a small portion of the trabecular meshwork.  

What diet or foods are best for glaucoma?

A piece of sound dietary advice to glaucoma patients is to maintain a normal weight, avoid excessive coffee consumption, and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Eat food rich in essential nutrients and vitamins that are useful for the health of eyes like Vitamin A, C and E, and minerals like zinc, copper, and selenium. 


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