Best exercises for people with heart problems

By Canada Cloud Pharmacy | Published Wednesday 28 April 2021

The heart is the most critical organ in your body as it pumps oxygen-rich blood to all other organs. Good heart health is necessary for an uninterrupted healthy blood supply. If you have a heart problem such as heart failure or heart disease, your heart’s capacity is compromised. While medication helps to take care of your heart, regular exercise is best to strengthen your heart's muscles to function efficiently.

It is always best to discuss with your cardiologist to know more about which kind of exercises are good for your health. Let us discuss which activities are beneficial for heart ailments.

There are three basic types of exercise that you may do. These are discussed as follows:

  • Flexibility: These exercises involve slow movements that focus on lengthening your muscles. Flexibility exercises include stretching, yoga, and tai chi. The advantages of flexibility training include the following:

    • Improve balance.

    • Increase the range of motion.

    • Improve your joints activities.

    • Reduce stress when combined with meditation.

    • Give more energy.

    • Lower your blood pressure.

  • Cardio: These exercises are also termed aerobics or cardiovascular exercises. They involve larger-sized muscles in the body. Brisk walking, jogging, rowing, riding a stationary bicycle or cycling outdoors, jumping rope, skiing, or water aerobics are all cardio exercises. Take up an activity and continue it regularly. Simple activities such as dancing, swimming can also improve your heart health. Aerobics has the following benefits:

    • Improve the usage of oxygen in the body.

    • Improve heart health.

    • Lower blood pressure.

    • Enhance breathing capacity.

    • Lower the heart rate.

  • Strength training: Strength training involves repeated movements of muscles to build your muscular strength and improve the strength of your bones. The use of resistance bands and light weights, weight machines, kettlebells build up muscular strength. Strength training has the following benefits:

    • Tone your muscles.

    • Strengthen the bones and joints.

    • Burn calories.

    • Maintain a healthy weight.

    • Improves balance and postures

Here are a few tips for you as you choose to do some of these activities in your exercise regimen:

  • Carry out warm-up and cool-down exercises every time you do physical activity. While warm-up prepares your body for the exercise, cool-down sessions help your body recover from the exercise mode.

  • Never exercise immediately after having food. Wait for at least 90 minutes after eating.

  • Gradually increase your exercise intensity.

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

  • Take rest whenever you feel exhausted.

  • Make physical activity a part of your routine.

  • Report or call a doctor if you have increased heart rate or chest pain during exercise.

While you cope with your heart problem, exercise plays a vital role in improving the quality of your life. It makes your heart stronger, improves your blood circulation, and relieves mental stress. Exercise daily, get advice from your doctor and stay fit!


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