Covid-19: Provincial Re-opening Plan Summary

By Canada Cloud Pharmacy | Published Tuesday 19 May 2020

The government of British Columbia recently released an update for our province to restart businesses and the economy. For in-depth details, please visit:

The following is a summary of what has happened in BC and provincial plans going forward.

The rate of infection in BC has declined and BC has the lowest mortality rate of all parts of Canada, USA, and western Europe. To accomplish this, BC introduced protective measures such as social distancing, banning mass gatherings, closing non-essential services, isolating travellers, and reducing non-urgent and elective surgeries. British Columbians have supported these measures by reducing their social interactions by 70% (to 30% of normal activity). By using mathematical models, the Government of BC says that people can increase their activity to “60% of pre-COVID-19 normal” while still flattening the curve. Exactly what that details will be explained below as well as any measures that can affect Canada Cloud Pharmacy.

What is the new normal

People will need to continue to stay at home and social distance themselves if they have cold or flu-like symptoms (such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, sore throat). Do not shake hands or hug outside of your own family. Everyone will need to continue to practice good hygiene. In public spaces, everyone will need to keep physical distancing and consider using non-medical masks or face coverings. Limit gatherings to 2-6 people and keep physical distance during these gatherings. 

What can businesses do

To reduce the risk of transmission, businesses need to create clear policies to make sure sick people do not come to work. As much as possible, give people options to work from home and reduce number of contacts. Frequently used areas will need to be cleaned frequently and hand sanitizer to be provided at entrances. As a community pharmacy, Canada Cloud Pharmacy is an essential service and has been operating throughout the pandemic. 


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