Maintaining Healthy Teeth

By Canada Cloud Pharmacy | Published Wednesday 07 April 2021

Healthy teeth are responsible for several vital functions such as chewing, eating, and pronouncing some specific words. On an aesthetic level, a beautiful smile with healthy shining teeth is an essential asset of your personality. More than anything else, your teeth are a gateway to your overall health and responsible for digestion and immunity. Therefore, your teeth need the best possible care to keep them healthy.

Every day we brush our teeth, rinse our oral cavity to keep it clean but are you doing things the right way to maintain your dental health? As you age, it is necessary to take better oral care. Let us see some tips to clean your teeth so that they remain healthy.

Is brushing alone, enough for healthy teeth?

Almost all adults have at least one cavity in their teeth and 10 to 20% of adults between 35 to 44 years of age have gum disease. Brushing your teeth is not sufficient to maintain healthy teeth. It is necessary to use floss to remove the food debris that lodges in between the teeth. Your toothbrush does not reach there, and regular flossing can help remove the accumulated food. You may use a threaded flosser or a water flosser. Use threaded floss by making up and down motion in between the teeth. Remember to rinse your mouth after flossing.

What is the correct way of brushing teeth?

Here are a few tips for you to brush your teeth correctly:

    • Stick to a brushing routine and adhere to it daily. Brush twice every day - once after waking up and once before you go to sleep.  Food debris accumulates on and between teeth and the bacteria in the debris forms a plaque (sticky film) on your teeth. This plaque, if left unremoved, forms a hard lining referred to as tartar that may affect your gums.

    • Brush your teeth lightly with a soft-bristled brush and fluoridated toothpaste for two minutes. 

    • You may put the brush slightly over the teeth and brush back and forth and make a circular motion.

    • Change your toothbrush every three months.    

What additional care should you take for healthy teeth?

Daily brushing, flossing and rinsing is usually enough for health teeth but there are a few things you should pay extra attention to:

    • Consider using mouthwash to rinse your oral cavity. A fluoride-containing mouth wash or an antibacterial mouthwash will help you prevent tooth decay. Mouthwashes also help with having fresh breath.

    • Avoid sugary foods and candies. Rinse after you have them.

    • Quit smoking or eating tobacco. In addition to other health problems, tobacco also severely affects your dental health.

    • Avoid the temptation to clean your teeth or remove lodged food using sharp or pointed objects such as a safety pin or a toothpick. You may injure your gums.

Visit your dentist to have an oral examination regularly. Follow the dentist’s advice for proper care of teeth. Remember, healthy teeth are a gateway to a healthy body!


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