Obesity and pregnancy

By Canada Cloud Pharmacy | Published Wednesday 06 January 2021

As you prepare yourself for a pregnancy, it is recommended to have a diet that is healthy and enough for yourself and your baby. While women prefer a diet that makes the baby strong, they commonly face the problem of weight gain. Many women may become obese during pregnancy.

The clinical outcomes for obese pregnancies are not good and they often result in several complications for the mother and the child.

When are you considered overweight or obese?

Doctors consider your BMI (body mass index) as an indicator of obesity. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is referred to as overweight and above 30 indicates obesity. To calculate your BMI, you may divide your weight in pounds by the square of your height in inches and multiply it by 703.

What are the risks associated with the pregnancy if you are obese?

You may experience serious health problems if you have obesity during pregnancy. The risks associated with obese pregnancies are as follows:

Gestational diabetes: You may experience high blood sugar levels during the late weeks of pregnancy that makes you more susceptible to developing diabetes after the delivery.
Cesarean section: You may be at an increased risk of having a cesarean section delivery instead of a normal delivery due to obesity.
Preeclampsia: This is a condition where you may develop high blood pressure during pregnancy. Preeclampsia may affect the kidney and liver of pregnant women. 
Sleep apnea: It is a condition where you stop breathing for a short time while sleeping. Sleep apnea may put you at risk of heart and lung problems.
Problems during childbirth: You may give birth to the child before full term is reached, there may be a stillbirth or even loss of pregnancy.

Being obese during pregnancy is equally risky for babies:

Birth defects: Babies may have certain neural defects or heart defects
Macrosomia: The baby will be large and have a higher weight than normal if you are overweight during pregnancy

How can I lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy?

The following easy tips will help you avoid obesity after childbirth and you may get back your normal weight:

Breastfeed your babies regularly. It is an easy way to lose weight. 

Make the right food choices and have small meals several times a day. Avoid sugar-containing food. Eat slowly and drink plenty of water. Avoid skipping meals. 

A healthy diet combined with light exercise can do wonders. It will help you burn the excess fat. It will also make your muscles strong. Eat properly and move a little. You may begin with a small walk with your baby in the stroller.  Avoid excess exercise.

Pregnancy makes everlasting changes to a woman’s body. After all the correct eating and the exercise, sometimes it is not possible to return to the pre-pregnancy shape and size. You need to think practically and set realistic and achievable goals for yourself. It is ok to have a softer belly or wider hips after delivery. 

Practice yoga and meditation whenever you are free and the baby is asleep. This will help you lose weight and also give you peace of mind.

It is also possible to avoid weight gain during pregnancy. Begin some exercise and watch your food during your pregnancy if you are overweight. You may take prenatal supplements that contain folic acid and iron to avoid anemia after pregnancy.

Visit your doctor regularly and make a new routine for yourself so that you may have a safe pregnancy even if you are overweight or obese during pregnancy. It is best to consult your doctor about losing weight after delivery and avoiding weight gain during pregnancy.


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